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Refugee is a word that carries fear, and nobody should be know by that. We are human beings before anything else, and that’s how everyone should been called. We fear, we care, we love and we share, that’s why we are human beings, a permanent state. Let’s change it.


human beings forcibly displaced people worldwide

Source: UNHCR / 18 June 2015

51% of them

are under the age of 18

Source: UNHCR / 18 June 2015

42.500 per day

forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution

Source: UNHCR / 18 June 2015

What is
the extension


Human not Refugee is an extension for Chrome that changes every “refugee” word for “human being”, a way that we believe will change perspectives of news and articles of refugees worldwide.


Spread the word
to other human beings

By using the hashtag #humansnotrefugees whenever you see a page that has changed by the extension that changed your perspective about the situation.

Download our poster

Share it at your , , tumblr or pinterest or help us to keep building it at github or drop us a letter.